Getting ready for the photoshoot

What to wear

I recommend you wear something colourful and casual, natural colours work best, earthy tones or pastels. But also the good old white is a classic that never fails. Try to avoid plain black or patterns that are too busy and might be distracting. Clothes with texture are also great, e.g. lace, wool etc although most are too hot for Darwin lol. Something comfortable, that you feel good in. But if you want to go all out with a stunning gown, yes please, let’s do it! Most importantly, keep in mind these photos might end up hanging on your wall, so wear something that you love! You could bring a few different outfits so we can have a play. Especially for the kids it’s a good idea to bring a change of clothes. If you are unsure, lay down everybody’s outfits on your bed and send me pictures so I can advise you on what will look best. If you are having maternity photos, outfits tight around the belly work best to show it off. Long dresses are great too or some mums choose to go for a sarong around the waist and a bikini top, so we can get also photos of the naked belly.

What to bring

I always encourage my families to bring along something special to them in this moment in time to include in some images, whether it be a game they like to play as a family, the kid’s favourite toy, blanket, storybook, or something related to individual hobbies – I had a couple once bring their motorbikes – sky’s the limit! If your pooch is coming along to the shoot, bring their lead, treats and toys, so we can decide when and how to involve them in the images. If you have a nice picnic blanket/beach rug bring it along too. And don’t forget to cover up with sunscreen and insect repellent 😉

Tips and tricks

Some people get nervous before the shoot or dread being in front of the camera (most of the time this is dad or the teenage kids) thinking they will have to pose and say cheese. Make sure everybody attending the shoot has seen my style of images and knows they are just going out for some family fun. If you have young children, plan a quiet day for them and try and get them down for a nap before the photoshoot so they arrive full of energy. Sunset often coincides with their dinner time, so having a snack handy is always a good idea.