Hello there, thank you for stopping by!
Here’s my story.

This is my little family.

My first camera was a present for my 8th birthday and since then I have seen the world through a camera lens. As a child, I used to put on film everything: every little family and school event, holiday or gathering, but also everyday moments like my dog snoozing. At my parent’s house in Italy there are still boxes upon boxes of my prints and negatives.

Then like today, it was all about capturing memories and making moments last forever. I never thought about it as a career until I started travelling in my early 20s. The close encounter with wildlife, natural disasters and different cultures has made my passion stronger and my pictures more engaging; it has given me the will to pull up my sleeves and learn what it takes to make photography my profession.

Four amazing years working in the UK’s leading Family Photography Studio “Venture”, have given me the tools and the experience to call myself a professional photographer and have allowed me to photograph my favourite subject: people! My work has been recognised in the yearly “Award Winning Stories” Book in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In March 2015 I won the Venture Photography Gold Award “Our faithful friends” in the Families with Pets Category.

In 2016 I moved to Australia with the love on my life and adventure buddy Phil, to our beloved Darwin where we had spent many months during our travel years. Here I am making my dream come true, my own Family Photography business. Since then I have become a mamma ❤️ Little Leo and baby Giorgia joined our world and my love for capturing every single moment has grown even stronger.

I believe that Professional Photography = Science + Sweat + Art

When you choose me as your family photographer, this is what you are paying for:
My technical photographic skills and knowledge. Anybody can buy a camera these days, but you need to know the rules (and when to break them) to be able to make magic. I strive to constantly learn new techniques, try new ideas and grow professionally. (Science)
My time and effort preparing for your session, carrying equipment, running after children (and sometimes grownups) making them laugh, lying in the sand or climbing up rocks to capture your story from the perfect angles. Photography is also a physical job. (Sweat)
My ideas. My ability to work with you in order to capture your personalities and relationship in a natural way. My creativity and imagination when your photograph becomes a piece of Art through direction, composition and post processing. (Art)

If you like what you read and the photography you have seen on my page, call me, email me or let’s have a chat over a coffee. I can’t wait to meet you and get to know your family, so I can capture your unique story.